viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012


When I was a little, I lived in a big house; in here I had so animals like a zoo.  In the yard  were two aviarys. One with canarys and other with “catas” and qualis. I liked see this birds, bacause your colors was a very beautifull,  too listen your songs and see a little birds.
In other yard, I had a cage for rabbits, in total I had a nine rabbits, all they were of fallen ears, is a little breed. My favorite rabbits was “Tambor”, because It was  playful.  It was black and fat, because he liked  feed all day.
My dogs were in a back yard, they were “pastor aleman”. One of them called “Reina”, it was my first pet. She was a good dog, because she was train, she was gone to championships and won  trophys.  Years later, she had fourteen  puppy and my house was fill of little dogs, it was very fun for me and my sister. But my parents sell all puppy, except one “Camila”.

The hamsters, other pets that I had. My mother hate him, because they are similar of a mouse. But my father liked this animals and he was build a very accessories for they like tunnels.
And now I have a two fish in my bedroom, but I homesick have other pets in my house.

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  1. Claaudiaa!! I've never had a champion pet like yours that must be really great!!