viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

The Guardian Job

The Guardian Job is a page of internet that helps the people for find jobs. As well in this page divulges news.

Today I looked for news related with my carrier, specifically Psychology Education, but I don’t found news interesting for me.

But I have to do my blog today about a news that appear in this page, and so choose a news about “What happens to your body if you don't let it sleep?”. In this text the author said that university students have little hours of sleep because they work in the night for finish your study and works.  I think that is very bad, but sometimes is a bad necessary.

In this text, the author said that be up all night have consequences, for instance, eventually appear “neuropsychiatric disorders such as anxiety and bipolar depression” and “affects blood pressure and levels of inflammation, resulting in an increased susceptibility to heart disease and cancer”. The effects in a short time are: “addiction and impulsive behavior”.

Furthermore, some research indicates that sleep deprivation, there could be permanent brain damage.

Finally this document propose that study all-nighter before an exam, does more harm than good, because “the consolidation of memories occurs during deep sleep.”

This isn’t new to me, because I learn it in my class of neuropsychology, but maybe it’s useful for you…

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