viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

How green are you?

Actually I’m consider that I'm a person responsible with the careful of environment.
For instance, in my house, all my familiy recycle the plastics, papers, carboards, etc. in the back yard, we have a especial place for recycle all this waste, because all the Wednesday past a truck for outside of my condominium for carry the waste. We are responsible, because all us recycle and worry for take out the waste all Tuesday in the night.  In fact, sometimes I pick up rubbish that I see in the ground  for it leave in the dustbin.
Moreover, in my house we don’t have cars, consecuently we use a public transport and I use my bike for come to the university or other place, except when I have to travel long distance.
Furthermore, I’m saleswoman of Natura product, because I belive in the concept of use personal products as makeup, shampoo, gel, etc. responsibility with environment. For examples, the bar of soap is made with materials 100% vegetable, and perfum is 100%  vegetable acohol, this no pollute. This company is a model of development sustainable, because  Natura have a  certificate of “carbono neutro”,  reforestation of wood that  used in the production,  Natura don’t execute test in animals and work with native comunities of Brazil.
Nevertheless,  I don't consider me responsible with the use of water, because I take too long in the shower, in general my family to take long showers, except my mother, because she worry for the paid.

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