viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012


In my career I read very much, but I have short time for read books that interesting moreover of Phychology.  Within the books that I like it, I remember that in my berthday of 15, my father present me “El Priencipito”, said me that your mather as well present when he was a  teens. This book is my favorite because the history is very beautiful  and show the look of child. Furthermore, this book left  teachings and I listen that you read this book in different moment of your life, you can found other teaching.

Furthermore, the music  is other kind of art that is important in my life because is related with the dance, my pasion. First of all, I love dance all type of dance, and so, I like all type of music. I said in a post previous that I practice “Spanish Dance”, and so, I like music of folk dance, for example, “fandango”, “jota” or “sevillana”. The music that I like listen when I am alone is music of  “Jorge Drexler”, because is calm and the lyrics are nice,  too because I have with  my boyfriend pretty memorys with some lirics of this artist. When was the festival  “Despertar”, I was  with my boyfriend for see and listen to “Jorge Drexler”. Whereas, when I’m with my friends listen other music , for instance, “salsa”, because sometimes we dance this music.

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