sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012

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Today in this post (number eight), I will talk about of my grandmother …
In the Tuesday 13 of November in this year, I went with my mother to inauguration of exposition of “Mujeres en el siglo XX” in the “Archivo Nacional”.
This exposition was made for historians that wanted rescue the history of woman for this era (s. XX) because in the books or in the history generally appear men as main character. The historians said that the political is more than one a reference to power of state, institutions, economy or relation with the power… The political is too rethinking the organization of everyday life of women and men.
The exposition was prepared with elements that the families give as donation. Although,  I went just for see the thing of my grandmother, I surprised because I found in this place very interesting documents, photographs, for examples, the photograph of woman work in organizations (ONG),and wardrobe of women in this time, as the dress of the first Miss Chile or the nurses outfit.
In this exposition, my grandmother Ana Eugenia Ugalde, was in the section of policy. For me, see her in this place was a pride and a big honor, because she was a feminist that fought for suffrage female and she was a first woman deputy together two friends. My mother donated photographs of my grandmother, letters her father of political party radical when his was exiled in Argentina for object to a government in his time, and book that she wrote about your experience in political.

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  1. wuaaauuu! a big history clau! Your grandmother is a important women in our Chilean history! you are must very pride of she!

  2. Claudia! I've no idea that your grandmother was so brave… you must have so much of her