martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

My future Job - Post 9

What am I going to be when I get older?
This questions, is the question that tormented me when I was in a school because I don't had decided for one career, but now in fourth year of Psychology, I’m feel more sure of my future, because I think that I takes a good decision.
In the next year I have decide my practice or qualified, I will choose qualified “Humanista”, because is the area that like me and I can use this technique in my future work, as art therapy (danceterapy, musicterapy, etc). My practice even not decide, because the offers is too much and in this moment I’m dismiss the place that definitely not like me, for example, the practice of area psychology work-organizational.
When I think in the job that I would like… I think in a job with good labor relations, I like work in a school with children and young’s specifically in the classroom for support a teachers to  improve the significant learn of students. Too, I like work with the parents (representative) because they know very much about of your son or daughter, therefore, if they collaborate with the school for improve the education of students.
Thus, the aspects that I considered when I choosing my job is that in the organization, the work in team interdisciplinary, because I think that the knowledge is collective and persons of different disciplines can complement very well if work for one common project.
In a job interview, I will said about of my strengths are: I’m a person responsible, organized, I like work in groups, and I’m empathic.
On the other hand, my weakness is principally my shyness when I’m with a lot people, but I'm working in this aspect.

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  1. Clau!! you are "humanista"... is great! you have that teach me the art therapy!!

  2. I admire you Claudia, I wouldn’t work with children because I don’t have too much patient