miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Post 10 English Language challenges

I said in the first class that I don’t learn in the previous three courses of English, because I think that is a short time for practice and improve this language. For me, particularly is very difficult learn this language because I don’t use in day a day, then when I learn a new word and later not use  it, I forget it. As a matter of fact, I don’t study outside of class, I listening music in English and when I like one and I want know what said or meaning the lyrics, look it for in internet the translation of letters. Moreover, when I see movies in English I put the subtitle; therefore, I don’t exercise my English outside class, except when I have homework’s as made a video or write my posts in other moment because I don’t finish in classes or absent one day.
I remember the concept of “significant learn”, because I feel that I must learn this language, is obligatory in my university, but I don’t choose learn this language, I feel that is more important for my future work know about other language for example corporal language or sign language.
Furthermore, I think that the blogs as a methodology for learn English is good, but I need a feedback of my posts, because I feel that I write with a difficult and worry me that the final evaluation is different because I don’t use the computer as support or internet to look a words that I don’t know.
The aspects that I believe are weakest in my English are all the aspects: comprehension, speak, pronunciation, vocabulary, conjugation of verbs, use the sentences correctly, etc…
I plan to do for improved English are: see movies and try understanding without read the subtitle and try read books or papers related with my career.

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  1. Clau! we have the same trouble!!
    if We are sisters XD!

  2. I also think that blogs will be more useful if we receive a feedback of how are we doing... but we dont always get what we want hajjaj