viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

The best Holidays that I had in my life is the year 2010. In the summer of that year, I together with my friends for to plan our holidays. We thought  go to camp, but this thing wasn’t intrestig.  Finally, we decided go to “mochilear” at South of Chile.
We to bougth a ticket in train to Talca, but we got out in Molina. In this place, we gone to visit the “siete tazas” but the negative is that we quarreled in the first day because we separated in the way and we had problems for meeting. Hours later, we camped near of river. In the next day, all improved because we gone to swim in the river and visit the “siete tazas”. Afterwards, we travel  “a dedo” in a cars or  trucks.
All the travel was very  fast, because We arrived a Chiloe in four days. We  arrived so far in a short time. In Chiloe We visit very placeS beautifull, my favorite place was cole cole, It is a beach with a forest, but It isn`t like others, because is a magic place and I found  my love there…

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  1. Claudia, very interesting post! Unfortunately things were not as you expected but you had fun anyways! So you went backpaking and hitchhiking, I've never been backpacking but it is always good when you do it with friends. It must have been fun! Congrats!