jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

A country I would like to visit is Spain, because it's a promise I have done to my Spanish Dance teacher

I have practiced Spanish Dance since I was five years old, is my passion. Dancing is the way I release the tension or stress, but principally I dance to enjoy and feel the music. 

Also I would like to make a comparison between Spanish Dance and “Flamenco”, because the first one it looks like a ballet, and the second one it's a little bit more "primitive", with a stronger dance step than Spanish Dance.

The things I would like to do in Spain are visit the places where the people dance their regional folk dance, for example, “fandango”, “jota” or “sevillana”. I would like to live this experience to practice and learn a lot more.

Another interesting places I would like to visit are the Spanish Dance cloth or accessories shops, because it's quite different the quality and variety than here in Chile. For example, a dress in Spain has more details and colors, the “castañuelas” have a greater and deeper sound and the “abanicos” have very beautiful designs.

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