viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012


My name is Claudia Cifuentes. I’m study psychology in fourth year.
Nowaday I work in my memory to graduate of Pychology in the next year. My memory is about of Educational Pychology, specifically in Education Inclusion.
When I think in the past semester, I beleve that a good points are: First, I lerned very much about the educational inclusion. This is important for my, because I like do my practice in a school, and I feel that this knowledge is necessary to advance in a little changes in chilean education.  Other good point in this process, is that I working whit a team of investigation, because I feel support whit them.
However , this process have a bad points; for example, I have less time of study for subjets of my carriere, or less time to meet my friend or my boyfriend.
In general I feel that the past semeste was a time to lern very much, but this experience was exhausting.

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